Saturday 20. January 2018
Next Alumni day is the 23rd of September 2017

Alumni Day & Reunions

The next Alumni Day will take place on Saturdy, the 23rd of September 2017. All members of the BOKU Alumni and specifically alumni from the admission years 1967, 1977, 1987 and 1997 are invited to attend.


Here a recap of Alumni Day 2016


On the 1st of October over 200 graduates visited their alma mater viridis and used this opportunity to see each other again.


The Alumni Day 2016 started at 9:00 with the general assembly for all members. You may request the meeting protocol here.  


Afterwards there was an official opening ceremony with the Rector Martin Gerzabek. Former colleagues and alumni members chatted together and were entertained by a guitar concert from Professors Peter Schwarzbauer and Rupert Wimmer. Thanks to Hofer there was a scrumptious breakfast buffet full of organic foods for all to enjoy.


Newly renovated/built BOKU buildings were visited during the tour through the surrounding park. There was something for young and old at the revival lectures. Also, theses written back then from class reunion participants were on display and read with wonder.


Alumni from the admission years 1966, 1976, 1986 und 1996 gathered together to enjoy BOKU beer and wine from the Viniculture Krems and an evening buffet of organic foods. Over 110 prizes were raffled off, including for example:

  •     Wooden clock from Waidzeit
  •     150 € gift certificate for a Jack Wolfskin jacket
  •     Emil glass bottle
  •     Grill case from Biomin
  •     Yearly subscription to the Agar publication
  •     Backpack from the National Forestry Association
  •     Water pitcher from ÖVGW
  •     Felix trial packet
  •     and much more...

We would like to thank the sponsors for their generous support! The proceeds of the raffle are donated to the BOKU Children’s Group Association.


Review 2016:




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