Friday 26. April 2019

Schweden, Stockholm

Name: Antonio BIUNDO

Position: Postdoc, Science for Life Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology


What are your professional activities and what skills are important? How did you get the job? 

I supervise students and perform molecular biology techniques and biochemical reactions to bio transform waste products into high-value products. The skills I learned during my PhD at BOKU helped me to solve different problems both inside and outside of the lab. The ability to communicate with colleagues and to follow deadlines are the best soft skills I have gained in the past few years. Furthermore, the knowledge of different techniques both in molecular biology and in biochemistry (and their combination) increased my eligibility to get this position in one of the top universities in the field. Several candidates applied for this position. Luckily, the number of publications, the oral and written skills, and the focus on specific projects allowed me to be the top candidate for this position.


What's important to consider when working internationally?

I have been moving around Europe for several years. What I have learnt was to understand the different cultures and try to integrate without losing the values of your nationality. This can bring a surplus value not only to one’s private life but also to the working environment. The integration of a person into an international environment is very important not only for the person but for the society, in order to remove any discrimination and to develop a way to be able to bring positivity to the entire community.


What is the situation in your country now?

I come from Italy, Sicily specifically. Italy has many resources, as well as Sicily, and it needs to find the right people to bring the country to a better level by increasing job availability and the possibility of people to stay instead of leaving to other countries. My idea of traveling has always been aimed at a better education to bring back to my country one day.


What impact has/had studying at BOKU on your work and your life?

BOKU has many features ranging from internationality, industrial related projects and the ability to integrate different projects together. All of this allowed me to increase my knowledge and to meet people and friends who brought added value to the work environment and helped me to think differently.


Which book is a must read?

The selfish gene.



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